WTF CBS? edits?

Making Frankie out to be the villain when there is literal scum like Cody & Christine in the house threatening ppl with physical violence & constantly shit taking? And wtf is this farce with Frankie not wanting to save Donny and Derrick does….we know that to be the opposite are CBS just behind?

No one is getting a fair edit at the moment but Nicole & Donny, it’s annoying af! Frankie went from good edit to bad, Caleb went from ok to worse, chrustine has stayed neutral, Derrick went from bad to good, Vic went from annoying to tolerable, Cody from irrelevant/dumb to thinking smart (when we all know hes a scared pussy & wont do anything) WHAT EVEN ARE these edits CBS?

P.S Derrick ain’t no hero, hes playing for himself & playing everyone to do it….& i call bullshit on those tears tbh! We already know Derrick lies to America in DR to be liked & least Frankie was honest lol. RANT OVER.

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