Zach stans still mad at Frankie? PSA!

Zach was going home that week if Donny was safe no matter who was HOH. Derr/Cody&Caleb were already plotting his backdoor before BotB took place. When Frankie was sole HOH (not planned) lol Derrick & Caleb were already in his ear about backdooring Zach…Caleb more so right after veto….& Derrick planted the seed victoria is a waste of an HOH right after skittle draw or before veto (can’t remember) & he was already thinking zach was bad for his game anyway. So Zach should have just went up with Donny, say he would throw it but actually win (or let donny win by himself lol) and keep himself safe tbh….drawing skittles really? Zach is just as much to blame for his eviction as anyone, he said so himself….when your whole alliance turns on you, you definitely did some things wrong lol.

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